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So as thrilled as I am to be on the legendary Boiler Room, I’ve also heard of (and witnessed) the legendary trolls who seem to make an appearance every time a woman does a live set.  So I thought I’d make this handy little FAQ.  Feel free to relink it in the stream every time someone has concerns.

Q: Is she even a real DJ?  is that an IPAD?  NOT TODAY SATAN!!!

A: I have been a “real DJ” since 1998 when I started on vinyl, later moving through CDJs to a series of controllers.  As a music producer and passionate technophile, I’m always trying to customize my performance beyond what manufacturers offer.  After years of lugging around multiple controllers, I’ve designed my own multi-screen one using the iPad with TouchOSC.  In a live set I’m using Traktor, Ableton and a TC Helicon vocal processor, all time-synced together, and I really wanted one easy place where I could control  everything.  (I’m also using a small Traktor soundcard/mixer). Check out my screens!

This entire template took about six weeks of on and off tweaking and field testing to get right, but the first screen is my main DJing screen for controlling Traktor.  I can beatmatch (because old habits die hard), trigger cue points and effects. 



Screen two controls my TC Helicon vocal processor. I can play in harmony chords for real-time choirs with myself.  Also quickly control the amounts of the various effects I use.  The actual unit has buttons so tiny that I was always hitting the wrong ones, and needed a better solution.



Screen three is an advanced Traktor effects control screen, where I can select and trigger effects in greater detail than I had room for on the main screen.






A: Actually, I am.  There are two kinds of sync you can use – Tempo Sync and Beat Sync.  I do not use beat sync as most of my music is very loose and a computer would do an awful job anyways.  I do use Tempo Sync as it simply ensures that the incoming channel tempo is the same as the outgoing – and why would I waste valuable finger time trying to manually set the tempo each time I mixed…

Q: Who makes your music?  I don’t recognize it.

A: I’m playing 90% my own tunes, and the other 10% are up and coming amazing artists that I support.  A full tracklist will be available after!!  Of the 10% I’m playing that isn’t mine, most are members of the EDM Production Discord, a large chat server that I help to manage.

Q: Yeah I’m sure some dude finished it though.  Girls don’t produce.

A: Yes, girls do produce, they mix down and sometimes even master their own tunes, and they also make tutorials, studio livestreams, and sample packs!!  SUBSCRIBE LOL

Q: I still don’t believe it.  Let me see your hands.  WE MUST SEE YOUR HANDS

A: Here you are!


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