Intelepaths – Neon Arrows EP

A summer collab between ill-esha and Colorado’s golden child, Unlimited Gravity, the Intelepaths EP was released on Critical Beats, an exciting project meant to raise funds and awareness for Amazon rainforest conservation and sustainability education.

An interstellar experience of soulful vocal harmonies and throbbing, organic rhythms, Intelepaths’ debut release “Neon Arrows” will escort you into a sonic wonderland far exceeding any attempt at explanation. Tribal vibrations buzz pleasantly amongst the warm mists of this telepathic duo’s mystical productions, and the result is an ecstasy inducing tide of sound that will wash over you like wave of pure sonic bliss. From the glitchy melodic orchestration of the title track “Neon Arrows”, to the heartfelt, acapella /RnB groove of “Higher Vibrations”, this is a release that will without a doubt leave a deep and lasting impression.

Creating their first masterpiece through a happy accident of simultaneous telepathy, producers ill-esha and Unlimited Gravity continue to conquer new galaxies, ever expanding the boundaries of acapella and electronic music. Each artist emerges from a foundation of classical music and a love for the broken-beat spectrum to form this unique duo – balancing light to dark, soul to grime, and life to love.

With a mission to build bridges between the galaxies of live and electronic music, their performance is a joyful, dynamic alchemy – turning universal love into musical gold. The next logical step in this journey was to partner with Critical Beats, an organization dedicated to uniting artists around the globe to address climate change and inspire immediate action. The funds raised from the proceeds of this album will be directed towards building media centers and teaching technologies to assist indigenous Amazon tribes in developing a stronger global voice and archival record of their own culture. Both members of Intelepaths will be participating in trips to Ecuador in the near future in support of these goals.

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