Thanks so much to Reverb for this in-depth interview. You can find out more about my life, adventures, and what I’m currently up to in […]

LEGO Sound Design

Well, the cat’s out of the bag! Check out this fun Day in the Life clip of my new direction innovating interactive play for children […]

Coin Telegraph (ESP)

30 APR 2021 Artista canadiense celebra en Valencia el lanzamiento de canciones como colección de NFTs En Valencia se realizará Cryptowaves, un evento que permite […]

What Is She Doing: The FAQ

*Edited*  I originally made this for Boiler Room expecting trolls, and was pretty amazed and flattered that out of millions of views of my set, […]

Interview with Do206

ill-esha will be performing at Summer Meltdown Fest in Darrington, WA on Saturday, August 9th. Enter to Win free tickets here! Find out what ill-esha’s dream headliners […]