Haunt your music with me

The amazing new Combobulator plugin from Datamind Audio has just released two neural network models of me that you can now use as a “style […]

fill my senses (cover)

happy valentines day!!! a cover of one of my favorite romantic songs, “jericho” by weekend players.. weaving the warmest FM and physical modeling synths i […]

Reverb.com Interview

Thanks so much to Reverb for this in-depth interview. You can find out more about my life, adventures, and what I’m currently up to in […]

LEGO Sound Design

Well, the cat’s out of the bag! Check out this fun Day in the Life clip of my new direction innovating interactive play for children […]

ILBC: Final Round, Barcelona!

Congratulations to our winner, Ryan Reset, our grand champion in the hybrid live/virtual finals featuring showcases by Beat Matazz (France), Wick-It the Instigator (USA), New […]

Brands & Demos Highlights

I’ve done many workshops and product demos over the years in collaboration with entities like Ableton, Guitar Center, Novation, Subpac, youth centers and programs, and […]


The simply amazing story of my former student (and newly awarded Fulbright scholar) Calvin McCormack and his devices to translate brain waves to audio visual. […]

ILBC: Creative Community

ILBC is a unique hybrid platform supporting and growing a community for inclusive & diverse collaboration through music technology. Our vision is to build a global […]

Audius Remix Contest!!

CRYPTOWAVES started as a concept project from ill-esha taking cryptocurrency graphs and converting them to synth wavetables. A story emerged of The Orphan Block, a […]

EDM.com x Cryptowaves

Thanks so much to the fam at EDM for vibing with the sounds of the blockchain!! https://edm.com/gear-tech/ill-esha-sounds-of-dogecoin-nft-drop

Catalog First Mint

The first single from Cryptowaves, “Black Swan”, has been minted as a 1 of 1 NFT on the first audio-only NFT marketplace, Catalog! Update: Sold […]

Coin Telegraph (ESP)

30 APR 2021 Artista canadiense celebra en Valencia el lanzamiento de canciones como colección de NFTs En Valencia se realizará Cryptowaves, un evento que permite […]

BeinCrypto (ESP)

El día de hoy, la DJ de origen canadiense ill-esha, ofrecerá un gran espectáculo en Valencia, España. El evento que coincidirá con el lanzamiento de […]


The Cryptowaves NFT drop is live now on Opensea! Check out the auctions, which will be closing LIVE during our virtual/stream/live release premiere at Innsomnia […]


presented by  The sound and story of the blockchain CRYPTOWAVES started as a concept project from ill-esha taking cryptocurrency graphs and converting them to synth […]


I am very excited to invite you into a new world… Deep inside the blockchain, she awakens. Every sound around her born from crypto-chart wavetables. […]