Haunt your music with me

The amazing new Combobulator plugin from Datamind Audio has just released two neural network models of me that you can now use as a “style […]

LEGO Sound Design

Well, the cat’s out of the bag! Check out this fun Day in the Life clip of my new direction innovating interactive play for children […]

Ninja Tune Jamm Pro

Frost and I, under our Coldfront production house brand, have provided one of the main in-app demo packs for Ninja Tune’s exciting beat and remix […]

Catch me on Auxy!!

You may recognize some of my samples from “Intonations” as they’ve been sub-licensed for use in the exciting Auxy app for iOS 🙂 Check it […]

Sample The World

Combining my love of travel with my love of Foley, I will be doing sample pack travelogues and sharing my journey with you through both […]