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The sound and story of the blockchain

CRYPTOWAVES started as a concept project from ill-esha taking cryptocurrency graphs and converting them to synth wavetables.

A story emerged of The Orphan Block, a digital avatar born inside the blockchain, and her journey from self-awareness to universal oneness, using phrases from crypto-finance spun into an emotional evolution. ALL sounds other than vocals were created only from wavetables sourced from first-quarter 2021 graphs of BTC, ETH, UNI & DOGE.

The initial idea has grown into a passion project involving DeFi education for creatives and freelancers, empowering people to shape their own financial destinies and promoting economic equality through decentralized protocols.

CRYPTOWAVES V2 is now an ongoing and completely tokenized edu-tainment project co-produced by ill-esha and Staxe. Regular prerecorded videos, livestreams, and events will populate this new world where creativity and DeFi walk hand in hand. Various protocols, tokens and other concepts of DeFi will be explored in fun and interactive content, with many opportunities for community discussion and involvement.

Alongside this content, themed NFTs and concerts will take place to create ROI for investors holding Cryptowaves tokens, with max potential being 30% of total profits.

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