CRYPTOWAVES started as a concept project from ill-esha taking cryptocurrency graphs and converting them to synth wavetables. A story emerged of The Orphan Block, a digital avatar born inside the blockchain, and her journey from self-awareness to universal oneness, using phrases from crypto-finance spun into an emotional evolution.

 ALL sounds other than vocals were created only from wavetables sourced from first-quarter 2021 graphs of BTC, ETH, UNI & DOGE. Accompanying visuals include a 3D-animation music video, digital paintings with generative visual overlays, and unique animation shorts. Both Ill-esha of EDMP & Audius will be co-hosting a remix competition for the first song, “Black Swan” via their Discord communities.

All contestants must incorporate at least one original crypto-wavetable and all four stems. This contest runs from May 11th to May 25th. Prizes: 1st : $250, Toolbox Ultimate from Kilohearts, Sticker Pack
2nd : $100, 1 HR Production Session w/ Ill-Esha, Sticker Pack
3rd – 5th : $50, Sticker Pack

To submit your remix of “Black Swan”, simply upload your submission to Audius. To do this, you’ll select the “This is a remix” option during the upload process and paste the URL to the original track when prompted. Your submissions will not be considered unless they are uploaded in this fashion.

Listen to “Black Swan” & download the stems here:

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