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  1. ill-esha,

    I’d like to thank you for the t shirt you gave me @ the grasshopper in Ferndale. I was hoping to bu hard copies CD’s and tshirts. I love you and am a big fan! I will do my best to turn up to your shows to show you love and support. Your such a talent musician and as a good fan I want to support you and spread your music to convert more fans to you!


    Norman Johnson

  2. Hey Ill-Esha, you probably don’t remember me but we met when you worked at the P.N.E., up in Canada. Just wanted to say how proud I am of you, and comment on how prolific you’ve become. Looks good on ya Girl, keep it up!! You’re still looking cute as ever!!


    1. Hi Rob, of course I remember you, how could I forget! nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by!

  3. My favorite T-Shirt is one that I bought from you at the Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa a couple years ago and I lost it. Was wondering if you will be selling them again soon.

    1. Hey! I’m so sorry it took so long for me to see this. What did the shirt look like and what size was it?

  4. This seems to be a place to be able to tell you something. First off starkey has been a huge influence in my music, but I used to live out west and was into the glitch scene…and used to see you posting on the old forums. You have really stepped your game up and I really can’t get enough of your live sets on the cloud. I really wish someone could get you to Midwest somewhere bc I’m stuck here for a little while. Anyway, your effing slaying sh*t woman, you’ve come a real long way! And since this is the store, what do you have for sale, any t-shirts?

  5. Hello, this is your song? found it from a video with audD app; i can’t find it on youtube…
    Ill-esha – Shake you
    album Altered State

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