More than two decades ago, I was an angsty teenage rapper tryna come up in the D&B scene. From “running away” to WMC (I’m sorry Mom), to repeated trips to NYC and record shopping at Breakbeat Science, I early on met these two homies and within all the drama, politics and clusterfudgery of the scene, they always had my back 100. In an era where so many are being exposed as jerks, I’d like to give a special shout out to these guys for behaving as humans and musicians with flawless honor and accountability through EVERY SINGLE YEAR i’ve known them.
It’s actually also two decades since my first, oh so proud vinyl record release on Breakbeat Science, so it seems rather poetic to celebrate with a long overdue collaboration, rooted in an awesome era in NYC bass music. I thought it was a good excuse to produce and direct my first music video, which I’m pretty proud of doing for a total outlay of $195 (two lights and a stock video subscription) and some gas in my car.

Premiering now on HeardItHereFirst!

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