It’s #throwback Thursday again so here I am posting another relic from my archives.

April 6, 2002

This mix I really know nothing about specifically except for its date.  But let’s do some detective work..

At that time, I was six months away from starting school for audio engineering.  I had recently moved into a modest basement suite with my good friend Casey.  I had decided to paint my room yellow and red and thought it was a really great idea until my friend stuck his head through the window and said, “I’d like to super size my fries, please..”

Casey and I both had turntables and soon started doing some streaming radio with the super hyphy RealAudio technology.  I would guess that this recording is related to one of our shows.  However, halfway through the set, it switches to a “TRIPLE TAG TEAM” featuring “DJ DAYMONSTER” and someone else.  I *think* this is my friend Damon from Winnipeg, which would make sense because I had played at the Collective Cabaret in Winnipeg the day before.

As was customary for the times, this recording is all vinyl.  I didn’t switch to using digital DJ technology until 2007.  I was also still a super fundamentalist junglist DJ purist, so I didn’t believe in editing mixes… other than probably a simple master limiter in Sound Forge, nothing’s been done to these.  I’m also freestyling (awkwardly) and singing over parts of it, with just a battered SM-58 microphone run into the DJ mixer.   Go ahead, laugh, I wear my rough edges with pride!

Back then I was also very meticulous about recording every event I played.  So this was also the day after the week that I guest starred on the now defunct CBC national television multimedia variety show, “Zed”, where I would sing and mix original loops in the background while the host talked about the next clips.  I was just barely starting to get into audio production, but I wasn’t allowed to DJ other people’s music due to cost/difficulty obtaining rights… so I made these loops with Acid and Sound Forge and somehow it all worked out.    Two days before this recording I played at what was then called Sonar in Vancouver (previously the Town Pump, and afterwards various douchey things, but at the time it was the main half-decent place that would play bass music).

It’s good to remember where you came from.

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