I’m not sure when I actually recorded this mix, but the records on it are pretty special. I apologize once again for not having a tracklist, but just know that this is some very cherry picked, very well-loved (read: covered in scratches) vinyl..

I can tell you that the first track is a remix of one of my all time fave classic jungle tunes, “Kemistry”, named after one of my all time female bass music idols, the donna of Metalheadz herself. I even named my cat after her following her untimely and tragic death. RIP..

From day one, I’ve been obsessed with oldskool jungle and hardcore. I’m proud of my collection of classic Suburban Base, Production House, Moving Shadow, and more.. always wanted to know and respect the roots of the music I loved. I probably still have at least 40 of my prized Moving Shadow 10″ releases, and “rave” records from the 80s.. but I digress in my nostalgia. This is just a little mix I made for fun from some of my favorite mellow jungle tunes..


Download ill-esha – Vintage Atmos (right click and save as)

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  1. I too love early jungle and drum n bass and still hold on to my precious liquid/jungle sky records with an iron grip. Love my ganja kru and moonshine labels as well. Days before bass oscillation as we know it but in my ears some of the same sound sets.

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