What a crazy year I’ve had!!

Since the wildness of last year’s Tribal Gathering, I’ve spent my last year exploring a variety of new projects. With my dear and talented friends Aimerie and Dozier and a dizzying array of multitalented women (and kicked off by a small grant from Denver Music Grants) I’ve begun the work of building a dream project – a simple portal featuring educational, editorial and comedic pieces centered around digital/electronic culture, which highlights female-identifying creators.

Those who know me believe that my stance on feminism is a bit more complex – I truly believe in supporting women and encouraging them into the field of technology. But I don’t believe in diversity hires, I don’t believe in just “adding more women to lineups” – I think that truly, there are less women in the field and we have to address that first. This comes with providing equal opportunity forums and venues for women to feel comfortable exploring technology, asking questions, and laughing a whole lot. There are indeed many talented women and we are indeed in a modern era of much greater equality – but an overwhelming amount of  women are still bearing the scars from a previous generation which still controls much of the media and the workforce (thank f***, they’re dying soon) and have been put off, threatened or held back because of their gender.

I believe if we build it, they will come. This isn’t about token females. This isn’t about trying to put us in our own special category. This is simply dealing with the annoying constant of “But where are all the women?” and flooding you with a torrential tsunami of talented ones.

And already the vision is starting to take off. We are in the first stages of building our YouTube channel , are cultivating a Twitch to air things like DJ mixes (difficult on other sites) and premiered our first skits on Facebook. The response and support has been overwhelming!!

Get on our networks – we got tons more to show ya!!

I’ve also got tons more music to come out this year. Currently I am mostly on hiatus from tour and taking a year to teach music production in Spain, but I am pleased to announce that I will be appearing at Tribal Gathering and Lucidity Festival this first quarter.

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