Some people have asked for the lyrics to Whiplash Recovery so here you go.. <3 Step back. Inhaling once again my disconcertions Needing ritual to be my sole diversion as I come down from your headtrip and I'm aching Hold fast. I'm learning the mechanics of escape Like needles falling fast to puncture through my fate Every word you say I push you farther out I Know This... is the right thing for right now (but no matter how I try) I Can't Help... feeling like a plane that's been shot down (And my heart still unaccounted for) I Love You... drippin through my veins like a narcotic, gotta break this habit so I feel Forgiveness... for all this So quiet. The only thing I hear is my own heartbeat Never learned to feel connected to this world always felt like a satellite soul incomplete Lone star This mission. Burned brighter than the flames on the stoves that I'd been cookin up my best Happiness. More than I ever knew that I could feel. without This Endless.. deep breathing pushing shock out (And it's still surreal) I Start To.. revive, though it hurts as I come down (eyes frozen) I Love You.. That is why I let you go, and every fiber of my being drowns humbly in Forgiveness.. that is all I have left I Know This. is the right thing I can't help.. Can't turn off how I feel I Love You.. So I close my eyes and try to let this sorrow pass me by and bring Forgiveness.. For All This

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    1. Low blows as you take it slow I’m back in this corner no where to go
      This venom paralyzing as your snakeskin gleams
      Truth cuts harder than a laser beam
      You’re underneath my skin, exotic parasite
      I’m moving side to side trying to escape your blight
      Every leaf left burned is just a lesson learned
      We murder socially, no stone is left unturned
      All this talk late night blowing smoke in my eardrums
      Waiting so long for sunlight that never comes
      Please just one moment of transparent clarity
      Give me something tangible to cut up this disparity
      This is just too much, and it’s my turn to drive
      This is just too much.. I think my exit’s coming up up up
      And it’s my turn to drive so come over come over
      This is not enough, I think my exit’s coming up
      I’m getting off this ride

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