My entire artistic life I’ve been a huge fan of the artist collective. I truly believe that supporting each other is good for the heart & soul, and in a small way helps to subvert that inadvertent narcissism layer that we all grow constantly checking our follower numbers and likes. I did not become a professional artist to get attention, I simply wanted to create, connect and hopefully pay some rent at the same time as living my passion. So it always makes me uneasy when I have to blast out spam about my latest release, my “awesome” new thing. I don’t want to talk about me!! I want to have a musical conversation with you for the most part, and spend my actual talking time trying in whatever way I can to share beauty and inspiration with the world.

So it makes me feel so uplifted and inspired myself to share these gorgeous moments in songwriting with you. Hebinomichi is an awesomely diverse musical collective operating at all ages, tempos, vibes and styles.  I fell in love first meeting SteLouse on Soundcloud and discovering that this awesome producer lived only a short distance away – after that connection, I was quickly introduced to the rest of the incredible talents on the Hebi roster.  It is inclusive and limitless, humble and lovely.  I could sit here and fawn all day over how excited I am to be a part of this, but instead I will just share this wicked playlist – check back every day until December 1st to see the newest tune!  You can also follow the Hebinomichi Soundcloud to check out all the wonderful and totally free releases we are doing!

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