Art originally from MiSTiGRiS ANSI release April 1995 by prisonernumberone
Art originally from MiSTiGRiS ANSI release April 1995 by prisonernumberone

This track takes place in the landscape of the first incarnations of Internet, of dial-up BBSes in the early 90s, going back to my childhood and my fascination with computers at an early age.  If you’re a fan of ANSI/ASCII art, or any other kind of art medium inspired or connected somehow by a love of the old school BBS scene, read on!!!!!!

In the early 90s I was a nerdy kid who got referred to my local elementary school’s BBS system for other nerdy kids with no friends.. I met some people who ran some BBSes of their own and I was hooked. Mostly rolling with PsychoNet, I even ended up a co-sysop of The Revolution.I met one of my longtime online-to-IRL friends, Cthulu, through a BBS I frequented called the Screaming Tomato. Also founder of the legendary MiSTiGRiS ANSI art collective, he’s an extraordinary musician and fun fellow! I was thrilled to be asked by him recently to contribute to one of their artpacks, and it sparked the genesis of this little project.
This artpack is an amazing collaboration made up of 50 artists in all kinds of mediums – from sculpture to paint, 8-bit tracker music, old Amiga floppy disk files, even typewriter art and a knitting pattern!!!!!
Here’s their overview video of the artpack.  Download it here: MIST2015 Artpack , or see the sights and hear the sounds direct through your web browser over here

The track I contributed, “Line by Line”, is made almost entirely of old Mac and Windows sounds, particularly startup and death ones. You may also be able to pick out dot matrix printers, modems, system noises, old keyboards and such. Some have been resynthesized, others just sampled. Enjoy!


Just humming with the static
Tying up the phone line
Counting down the seconds till I connect with you
I’m waiting for the dial up
Looking for the mainframe
Never get tired of playing these text-based games
Like you do
So holler in the chatroom, join my channel
Is it more than you can handle?
Is your server overloadedI’m loading line by line
I’m waiting for it it’s showing slowly
Line by line
This picture perfect vision controls me
Line by line
Just waiting for it teasing you slowly
Line by line
I’m feeling you onlinePull another red eye
Can’t seem to sign off
Emoticons till the dawn brings the light out, blue
Gaze wide at the cursors blinking
Spell out what your face is thinking
Just speak the truth

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