Happy Throwback Thursday!

I’m going to continue not being a real lady and completely showing my age by posting these old mixes, and it seems like Thursday is an appropriate time.

So what was the story here?

‘Twas 2001, and I somehow online had become acquainted with DJ Curtainz from Philly.  He was on his way to Vancouver, where I lived at the time, and asked me out of the blue if I would like to come on a cross-Canada tour with him and his other friend Bobby Skillz .  Although I barely knew either of them, at the time I had only played in Seattle and a few spots on the east coast of the US, and never really seen my own country.

We all bought VIA rail cross-country passes for the month and hopped on and off the train (and a few cars), performing in Calgary, Edmonton, maybe Saskatoon?, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.  It was a crazy mind blowing experience for my 18-year-old self.  I met a few people that I still even know today.  Watching lightning storms through the glass roof of the observation car, getting threatened by homeless men in the prairies, staying at Hells Angels hotels on accident… good times.  The tour ended rather badly and abruptly when my train ticket was misplaced, and after hours spent crying in the basement of the hostile, unsympathetic French-Canadian promoter girl, I managed to beg my way on a train from Ottawa to Toronto where I had family.  I then borrowed my friend’s credit card so I could fly back to Vancouver, upon which my boyfriend (the subject of daily daydreaming journal entries on the road) decided it was an appropriate time to break up with me.  Good thing I was just starting to dabble in production!  I’m sure I cried my musical heart out via Fruity Loops and Rebirth ;P.

So, as most of these are, this is a single take, all vinyl, DJ mix that I gave out and sold on that fateful tour.  Some levels are off and what not, but it’s all live, and all 18 year old me.  And it’s all raucous drum & bass.  You’ve been warned.

ill-esha – Cross Canada Tour 2001 Mix

Here is a probably requisite awkward photo.

AWKWARD photo from around the same time.. maybe?

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