Since so many people have been asking I thought I’d post the official lyrics right here!!! ¬†In same order as the album ūüôā


This is the road I cannot follow
The bitter pill I cannot swallow
And all the fences start to mend
And all the edges getting hemmed
I still can’t sleep
All these stillborn ideas
Weapons confiscated
Gonna need to float
Till this gravity’s abated
And I’ve spent some time
Sweeping up the ashes scattered by this fire
And there’s no incentive
in these smoke damaged memories
Pretty pictures scarred by the flames of what can never be
Spent some time
Sweeping up the ashes from this fire
This is the road I cannot follow
The bitter pill I cannot swallow
What do you do?  How do you sleep?
When your worst nightmare is reflected in the eyes of the company you keep?

New Beginnings

Fading completely just whispers in my ear
Nothing is left of this shell
Hurricanes blown right through me
Now the sky is clear
Ready to introduce myself
I’m the girl that was, lonely just because
So tell me how to draw the writing on the wall
You know I’m no good at this
Just paint it all away
All of my shades of grey
Clear the air so I can exist
Pulling back slowly and peeling off the shame
This fear I’m second guessing
All this breaking down, all these tears I’ve shed
Oh if I’d only known
These scars would count for blessings
(Tell me how to draw)
Hold me down and take my turn
(The writing on the wall)
Hold me down and take my turn
You know I’m no good at this

High Voltage Storms

Stop! Here you’re gonna take a left
Direct you like it’s just a case
Cut and dried
Spelled out plain as day
How did we instantly just know?
Branded right into our sober minds
Gettin drunk just following the flow, oh-oh
Still struck with these electric snapshots
Perfect frames of what could be
Dizzying bolts of lightning in hand
High voltage storms, your eyes horizons
(repeat chorus)

Happiness is Lonely

it’s not easy being happy, I never knew that
it was such a lonesome drive. I always thought that
I’d be connected with so many
if I just learned to find the joy in being aliveBut misery loves company, us fools do suffer
And somehow pleasure bleeds out from the pain
And as my heart grows ever light, my lovers seem as quick to fade
I’ve never been so open, and I must admit I’m just a tad dismayedThe more that we bring it
The more to our own selves we are true
The more it becomes abundantly clear
That’s not how most souls here do
Can we love without expectation?
Can we breathe right in this sensation?
Why are we so afraid of things being okay?every day I wake up laughing, just wish that I knew
someone intimate to share
the life of breathless childlike wonder one cultivates
when life is lived with passion under open air
misery loves company, us fools do suffer
but pleasure can be had without pain
and if i do just one thing in this life, i wanna change as many minds as i can
learn to illuminate these perfect flamesThe more that we bring it
The more to our own selves we are true
The more it becomes abundantly clear
This takes a damn strong soul to do
So i love without expectation
I breathe right into this sensation
And i know that someday i’ll spark that perfect flame


It don’t cease to amaze me
These games we play just to be lazy
Hide in these dystopian shadows
Opiate ladders ascending to crazy
Layers of consciousness peeling back like onion skins
So afraid of the very things that characterize the lies within
I summarize all these plot developments like writing score
Entwining elements like rope knots pulling shipwrecks into shore
And I know that buried treasure lies deep at the bottom
When you let go like trees lose their leaves in the autumn
People linking issues, grab them tissues, Venn diagrams
Overlapping insecurities, backed up like traffic jams
Taking it in.  Slamming it down.  Just like a shot that burns
And it’s hard to choke down these bitter pills when it’s not your turn.
But no matter how much it rains down, can’t cloud me
Keep stepping love to all of you so loudly
I see a spark of hope, a lighthouse in the mist
And I’m feeling so light
And I know what really matters now
This life, this heart, these beautiful sounds


Here I stand again, crossroads where I just came from
Something in the air, spent too much time drinking up this sun
Promises forever, shades of evergreen
Never sensed this weather climbing to the top, so in the flow
Lost so deep inside this bliss
Never felt this precipice under my toes
My whole life tumbling like dominoes
Carve me out hollow inside, intuition gnawing on my bones
Keep on trying so hard, to tell myself that this is still my home
All these trails that we’ve blazed, all these fires that we’ve sparked are burning down
Oh so slow
Lost so deep…. (repeat hook)
Seems like every time that I let my heart go
It all starts falling
All these pieces of the puzzle that I didn’t know
Around me falling
Seems like whenever I let my heart go
It all starts falling
So many pieces of the puzzle I didn’t know
All around me falling.


Slipping through the cracks
And losing track of time
Waiting for that clarity that shakes us so sublime
Keeping these routines
Assigned to all our years
I can’t paint by numbers
But I’m tired of all these tears
These are the lives
We never thought we’d have
Searching for our freedom living by all these commands
Just always wanting more, just always wanna be
Impossible to ever find true sanctuary
So dissatisfied
With everything we see
This wanderlust commercialized and sold as poetry
The banknotes stacking up
Those pyramids are pleased
The more the blood flows through our veins
The stronger their disease
(Repeat chorus)
Something’s gotta change
Something’s gotta break
Feeling ever emptier we’ve put our souls at stake
Dreaming these illusions
‘Stead of living life out loud
I refuse this black and white
But I’m still not so proud.. of all this

Trembling Perfect

Between these times
Between this space
I float sublime
Into this unfamiliar place
It’s like we’ve looked
Straight at the sun
And this has only just begun
And suddenly I’m made of glass
A fish in your aquarium
And I’m just helpless to control
All this delirium…
All around me, trembling perfect
All around me this can exist
All around me never dreamed this
And I know now this can exist
Who’s keeping track
Was there a race
The finish line
Has disappeared without a trace
So let’s lay down
Beneath the sun
Cause this has only just begun
So let’s just watch the world float past
We won’t keep track but it’ll last
And I am no longer numb to this delirium
(repeat chorus)

The Letter

Little girl what I wish I could tell you
How many rivers I’ve seen you cry
All these needless scratches on your lovely surface
How I wish you’d stop wasting your time

So many nights I’d kiss you on the cheek and say don’t worry
Cause one day these nightmares will end
And all these hollow projections finally die out
One more piece you still need to find to mend

I’d whisper in your ear..

You are all you need, not me, not him
Pick yourself back up and be your own best friend
Cause when it comes down to it, when you’re really going through it
Stripped of all your pride, dead inside, who’s gonna come to it
You are all you need, not him, not them
Don’t matter how it hurts just take it all in
and wish yourself luck hold yourself a little closer
Life completes these cycles again and again

These sad arrows raining down like warfare
Carving waterfalls down your face
And oh, how I know that only space and time and spirit broken
Can take you out of this darkest place

So please don’t give up girl, you deserve it
Just try to fill those smoky eyes with light
And feel how unbreakable unmistakable each note gives, you live unshakeable
Come on take back those keys to your ride

(repeat chorus

Living for you… (repeat)